Mostrando entradas de abril, 2016

Ophelia Sequenced 1 and 2, a collaboration with the BP Art Exchange at the Tate Gallery.

Ophelia Sequenced 1
Ophelia Sequenced 2

Ophelia Sequenced 1 and 2 have been developed as part of the BP Art Exchange programme at the Tate Britain, London.BP Art Exchange is a global learning project about international collaboration and exchange and I have been part of it since November 2015.
After getting inspired by Ophelia, by John Everett Millais, one of my favourite artworks from the Tate Britain Collection, I took a fragment of a metagenome sequence and I composed my first artwork Ophelia Sequenced 1 that was exhibited at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology last December 2015.
I did this by cutting the original artwork in strips and creating a system by which I could reassemble the artwork according to the metagenome sequence.

After the first artwork, I decided to make another piece, Ophelia Sequenced 2, using the same system but another fragment of a metagenome sequence; the objective was to see how the artworks differed from each other.

Poster designed to advertise Joana Torres' talk about Catalan literature.