lunes, 16 de octubre de 2017

Phenotypica (Ben Murray and Neus Torres Tamarit) at Oxo Tower.

From the 20th to the 24th of September 2017, we exhibited at Clinic //2, an exhibition curated by Vitamin Design studio in partnership with the London Design Festival and Oxo Tower.
Clinic //2 explored the diminishing digital interface layer and technology’s effect on our reality. Digital emulation continually strives to become indecipherable from real-world existence. Where does your reality stop and simulation begin?
Vitamin Design studio invited us to exhibit our installations Confined Mutations and a selection of the artworks belonging to Biomorpha (Evolving Structures).
When we arrived to the emblematic Oxo Tower, we decided to turn our piece Confined Mutations into a site-specific installation, as we wanted our abstract digital organisms to interact with the features of the space as much as possible.

Site-specific adaptation of Confined Mutations

We decided to project the animations on the structure of two old windows, which had a mixture of materials such as glass, iron and wood. The Biomorpha shapes acquired depth and different dimensions when projected on them.

Biomorpha Hologram, mixed media installation

We also exhibited Biomorpha Hologram, which merges static sculpture and dynamic projection of the Biomorpha life forms. The two forms are presented in a mutual aesthetic tension; one is a static capture of the form at a given moment in its evolutionary history, the other is ephemeral and dynamic, echoing the transitory nature of species over deep time.

Biomorpha Acrylic Sculpture, acrylic and light

Biomorpha Acrylic Sculpture was the last exhibited piece. A physical sculptural impression of Biomorpha. This artwork is inspired by the neat system of arteries and nerves in fish that has become completely distorted by evolution of fish into mammals. Each sculpture starts as a flat, regular sheet that is heated and then subjected to an analogue of evolutionary pressure, warped by the pressure that Neus applies to it.