Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2017

Phenotypica (Ben Murray and Neus Torres Tamarit) at Oxo Tower.

From the 20th to the 24th of September 2017, we exhibited at Clinic //2, an exhibition curated by Vitamin Design studio in partnership with the London Design Festival and Oxo Tower. Clinic //2 explored the diminishing digital interface layer and technology’s effect on our reality. Digital emulation continually strives to become indecipherable from real-world existence. Where does your reality stop and simulation begin? Vitamin Design studio invited us to exhibit our installations Confined Mutations and a selection of the artworks belonging to Biomorpha (Evolving Structures). When we arrived to the emblematic Oxo Tower, we decided to turn our piece Confined Mutations into a site-specific installation, as we wanted our abstract digital organisms to interact with the features of the space as much as possible. Site-specific adaptation of Confined Mutations We decided to project the animations on the structure of two old windows, which had a mixture of materials such as gla