Upcoming exhibition from 20 September to 21 December 2018 - London

Thrilled to be exhibiting at the Grant Museum of Zoology, one of the oldest zoology museums in the UK! https://www.ucl.ac.uk/culture/whats-on/agonism-antagonism

In Darwin’s world of ‘survival of the fittest’, what happens when evolution affects genders differently?

Agonism / Antagonism is an exhibition resulting from artist Neus Torres Tamarit’s residency in the laboratory of Dr Max Reuter, in the Research Department of Genetics, Evolution, and Environment at UCL, and part of a long-term collaboration with computer scientist Ben Murray.

Dr Reuter and his team use fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) to conduct research into the evolution of sexual antagonism: a genetic tug of war between the sexes. The different needs of the genders within a sexually reproducing species inevitably result in this phenomenon, where what is best for one gender may be actively detrimental for the other.
On the surface, this process may seem problematic for the species, but research increasingly seems to suggest that sexual antagonism is an inevitable and ultimately necessary step in the quest for fitness.

Come and explore these ideas, presented through a range of media including sculpture, installation and digital animations.
Virtual reality events:
There will also be opportunities to further explore the animated worlds presented in the exhibition through interactive virtual reality on the following dates at both the Grant Museum and the nearby North Lodge. These drop-in events are free:


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