Biomorpha 3D; First response to the art residency at Reuter Laboratory, UCL

Biomorpha 3D, 2017
Variable dimensions
Mixed media: digital prints on acetate, magnets, video

This installation is the first response to my artist residency at the Reuter Laboratory
at UCL. Dr Max Reuter and his team use fruit flies and yeast to conduct research
into the forces that drive and constrain evolution.
This first part of the residency has been quite challenging for me. I have spent the
last two years thinking about genetics as a subject for art; now I spend my time
with research scientists who must develop a very deep understanding of a very
specific part of genetics.
I created these artworks to reflect my experience of their experience of science.
I have used a combination of images taken through microscopy and images of
a 3D version of the Confined Mutations / Biomorpha digital lifeform. They are
deconstructed, defocused and decontextualized so that detail is enhanced but
context is lost. Some microscopy images are of fruit fly cocoons, others are of
bioplastic that I cooked for previous artworks; the extreme focus on fragments
of those images makes them indistinguishable from each other. 

The sliced up Biomorpha lifeform is like a dissection or CT scan; it reveals fine interior detail, but makes it harder to experience the form as a whole.
Thanks to Dr Max Reuter, Florencia Camus, Filip Ruzicka.

Click on the following link to view the video creation in Vimeo:

This artwork was exhibited at Cryptic 2017: Art and Science, at the Crypt Gallery, Esuton Road, London.


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