Dadaist, DNA Mutation and Recombination Poems

Dadaist, DNA Mutation and Recombination Poems is a workshop I created for the symposium What if…Why not…?: Creative Risk taking in Art, Design and Performance, part of the UAL Teaching Platform Series that took place last Monday. The event was about exploring contemporary issues in art and design education.
The workshop, framed under the name: Rules of Random, had to include randomness, risks and uncertainty to take the participants out of their creative comfort zone.

The participants had to sit around a table and use post-it notes, dice and pens as basic tools to start the workshop. 



The objective of the workshop is to deconstruct words according to a set of rules that emulate DNA recombination and mutation processes and remind of the Dadaist poems characteristics. 

Once the poem is finished, we revive the Cabaret Voltaire events in which Dadaist poems were read; we put the final result in a text speech software to read it aloud accurately. 

Pictures by Hannah Scott and Neus Torres Tamarit.


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